twinning at life

I filled out a form on the internet for a doctor’s appointment.  It asked for specific family history of mental illness.  I was to name the mental illness and the relation to the person with it.  I froze for a few minutes as I thought of my sisters, two out of three with varying degrees […]

you’re going to die

It’s strange how comforting the word Write is in the upper right hand corner of the WordPress page.  And how little I turn to it when I need to. I’ve been watching a lot of M O T I V A T I O N A L videos.  I don’t know if I really want […]

only five minutes

I was meditating when I felt wetness on my face.  I opened my eyes and looked out at a small lake covered in lily pads and various wildlife.  Ducks circled around one another, a Great blue heron might’ve been meditating too, and perhaps the strange disturbance in the water was the rumored baby alligator we’d […]

I’m not on meds.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with needing to be on them.  I’m just not, so I have to handle my life very carefully. I have to exercise religiously, six days a week if I can help it. For at least an hour a day. When I miss two days or more, I start […]

scotch strength & a little sadness

Livia sat across from me, her nails perfectly manicured on aged fingers, gently folded in her lap.  Her pants are pressed; a perfect crease down the center.  Her shoes aren’t new, yet well-cared for.  Her white hair is short, and teased in gentle waves away from her face. The only strange thing about her is […]

Lyda & Lucy

I ran into our new office neighbors in the Ladies Room.  Well, one of them.  I suspected it was her because my boss kept describing them as “A blonde and a brunette.  Always in jeans.”  She was indeed wearing jeans, sloppily rinsing dishware, dark hair chaotic in a bun, and eyeliner thick under her eyes. […]

gratitude & resentment (the odd couple)

“How’s your job going?” She asked. I’m always ready to respond with the latest complaints but, I had none.  I had been choosing to go to work with a different mindset: gratitude.  I adjusted my response, “It’s good.  I’m choosing to be grateful.” It’s not an exciting job; but it’s my choice to be here. […]