Cause = Time?

Hello! If you stumbled across this and you don’t know me, my name is CiCi.

Not really, but my name does start with a C, and my niece calls me this, so it happened to work.

I created this blog to pass time in-between meals at work (and maybe even a particularly lazy day at home).

No, seriously.

It might seem ridiculous (or like I have a lot of time on my hands), but this is the only thing that made sense to me.

I’ve been doing work out DVDs, trial weight loss periods, Youtube exercise videos,  and joining (mostly quitting) gyms since 1999.  I’m that person you can find perusing the Target fitness aisle, (pretending I need yoga socks), or checking out Dick’s Sporting Goods (pretending I might purchase a paddle board).

The reality is, I work out like I brush my teeth.  Obsessively, habitually, and neurotically.  I don’t necessarily have a six-pack (let’s call it a two-er), but my practice is my existence.  I think about my health/activity levels/and nutrition every thirty minutes.  I haven’t done an actual study on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact.

I worship the fit body (you tend to if you’ve ever been a fat kid in middle school).  If someone has killer shoulders, leading into Mary J Blige arms (pick male counterpart),  a super toned back, bulky thighs, and a lean tummy – I’m looking at them like, “Darling! Get it!”  I also kind of impress easily, which is why I impress even myself.  I think you’ve got to impress yourself by digging your body;  it’s what (who?) you spend the most time with.

I created this blog to pass time – and get this?  I successfully squashed twenty minutes of “Might’ve eaten my mid-afternoon snack too early” time. So even if this blog goes unnoticed, I’m okay with that.

However, if someone happens to notice it, WELCOME! I hope there’s something in here that makes you laugh, or maybe even offers some unexpected insight.


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