my quest to quit coffee?

I can’t decide if I’d like to make this a real quest or not.  I mean, I’m sitting here with a half full 20 fl oz cup of coffee right next to me, and beside that cup sits another half full (iced) version of the same.  Seriously folks, it’s a problem.  But it’s one I’m not sure I have! Note the phrase “half full” in both cups.  I think sometimes I like the idea of having the perk of coffee near me.  It’s a luxury item; it provides comfort, connection, nostalgia, and sweetness (unless of course you take it black).

I’ve played with idea of being a posh black coffee drinker.  Even thought, “I could just be super Italian and do a doppio espresso.” Non.  Not for me, I like my coffee to taste a little bit like the things I dare not eat: ice cream, cookies, and cake.  I skip the sweetener, but I play with the creamers (it’s my admittedly giant foodie failing).

So, to quit caffeine or not? I certainly don’t drink it for the energy.  I used to work at a coffee shop and often times went to bed with two cups of iced coffee running through my blood stream (okay, back then, acknowledged problem).  I like the idea of starting this quest of quitting, waking up tomorrow morning, and completely abandoning said quest.

Coffee is just a romantic attachment for me.

Coffee routine: Sit and look at glamorous cup; sip dramatically the first few sips; forget to drink rest.

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