Invisalign – Set 1, Week 1, Day 1.

Earlier this summer I decided to throw myself into the pursuit of researching aligners.  It hasn’t been a terrible process, I found the ideal orthodontist, complete with a fancy practice (but not too inyourface fancy) and you know, a waiting room full of pre-teens and children.

I got my mouth stretched, x-rays completed, and uncomfortable looking face shots.  There were also photographs taken of each tooth, front and back (I could see each snapshot live as it was unfolding).  Finally, this morning I received my aligners.  I can’t describe my feelings getting my aligners put in.  I can say that I just looked at my shoes a lot and thought, “Is this vanity?”

I’ve had an oral fixation habit for twenty-seven years, distorting my smile for most of my adolescence into adulthood.  I never let it bother me until recently. I quit the habit, and now I’m here. I’ve temporarily removed the aligners to enjoy a cup of coffee as I’m writing this.  I’d like to describe the feeling of them, but right now the only word that comes to mind is panic.

I’m panicked over the idea of completing such an unfamiliar process.  Having these things in my mouth, interfering with my life habits.  I don’t have many poor habits, but the few I have I really cling to.  I guess I want straighter teeth more than I want to intermittently snack on almonds or dried mango pieces.  Sounds silly when I write it out.

So hey, maybe I found a new purpose for this account – to track my progress with Invisalign. And even if no one reads it, likes it, or gets anything from it – it’ll be here, helping me.

invisalign - day 1, week 1
First few minutes with the new aligners! Set 1, Week 1!

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