Set #2 of Aligners!

LOL Awk.

Oy! Week Three with Invisalign (& sippy straws) and things are going smashing but weird all at once.  My life with Invisalign has changed in a few ways (one I won’t be revealing) but the two more important ways are these:

  • No unnecessary snacking!
  • Waaaay better oral hygiene.

I can’t picture my life with a straighter smile.  I’ve always had a somewhat lopsided grin. It never really bothered me until I turned twenty-five. Most of the photographs I’m in are with a close-mouthed, somewhat awkward attempt to emphasize the eyes instead of the mouth.  

It seems vain to even write about this, but it’s a little more psychological for me.  I was picked on to an obscene degree through middle school into high school (re: weight and appearance).  I have a little bit more care than I’d say is normal about how others perceive me, but what’s considered normal, really?  Invisalign is actually helping to sooth any worries or self-doubt.  Maybe it goes against the notion, “Love yourself for you!” But the truth is, I have come to love myself for me.  I’m thankful for my experiences of being bullied, they only served me in the end. When I chose the opportunity to improve my teeth, it was only for peace of mind, health, and to smile bigger.

More on the eating habits changing: they are completely altered.  There is no more “licking the spoon” or nibbling on things as I cook; it just can’t happen.  When I’m out with friends and I’ve already had my aligners out for the two hours I’m permitted? I have to say no to the chips and dip brought out.  It makes me sad but it’s an extra dose of will power I wouldn’t otherwise have, which is pretty fantastic.

To sum it up, Invisalign is awesome.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking about it if they had the budget for them.  They started out being a little difficult and daunting, but as of today (second set) – they feel fine and completely feasible to complete.







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