Set #3 of Aligners + the dreaded Attachments.

Ouch is the first word that comes to mind regarding attachments for Invisalign.  The added discomfort to the already awkward process of wearing aligners is something I know will start to get easier, but man, so far? Just, ouch.  If I thought I was barely eating before, this has put a whole new dynamic on “Well, I guess I can wait a few more hours to take these puppies out.” Because the struggle is definitely real.

Attachments are like anchors, they are put onto teeth that need a little extra tugging to go into the proper direction.  They are required for stubborn teeth – and most (if not all?) Invisalign procedures. It makes the process of pulling off the aligners to eat, or say drink a glass of wine (however gently I attempt this) pretty awful.

I have a total of eighteen attachments.  The average person has around nine.  Holy god, I guess my teeth/jaw were a little more knarly than predicted.

Recently I’ve read a number of blogs on the subject of attachments, and everyone has similar reactions. Ouch. There’s just no way around it.  I understand now why my orthodontist gave me some time to get used to the aligners first.

Without further ado, here is a (granted, poor quality) picture of my new and awkward smile.  In some ways, I feel like I would’ve been better off getting metal braces.  I have an even stronger lisp, people notice these more, and it’s especially ugly if you happen to have a collection of pimples perking up all of a sudden.

I might as well be turning 18 instead of 28.

photo (3)

Okay that’s clearly me just trying to get away with posing subtly.  I’m not quite ready for that zoomed in pose that some are brave enough to convey. But, [deep breath] it’s time to grow up and realize … no one cares, I’m the only one who cares.

So let’s do this:

The Truth Hurts.

Whatever. There they are, and they are not quite that whited out either. It feels good to be in pursuit of a positive change, not just for the superficial aspect but a straighter jaw, a better mental well-being, and an easy to clean/keep healthy set of teeth.


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