Set #4 of Aligners: Sangria Smile?

I write these mostly in the hopes that I’ll look back on this and feel true triumph!

Since putting aligner set number four in on Tuesday, I’ve been a little lax in monitoring my time without them in.  I’ve inconveniantly acquired a tea drinking habit, and it’s been a bit of a pain not being able to sit and meditate with a warm cup of fragrant goodness.  It’s impossible to relax when I’m thinking, “How many minutes have they been out?”

So, this update is heavy with the downside of Invisalign, I suppose.  I feel a lot of guilt when they are out of my mouth, maybe like I’m seeing dollar signs float away.

Last night I enjoyed a big glass of cinnamon-y Sangria with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  She ordered a giant plate of different cheeses, breads, and spreads. After a good chunk of time passed, I couldn’t find the appropriate lull in the conversation to rinse out my mouth to put them back in, so I stayed present with her.  But not entirely present because I kept thinking about my teeth.  Has it been an hour? Am I ruining my progress? The anxiety was relentless, hopefully not perceptible.

The added downside of the attachments (for me) is worth noting as well.  I feel incredibly self-conscious with the bumps on my teeth, as if a stranger or new client is gazing at my smile thinking “Does this fool have food in her teeth?” There is something off about my face, and it’s making my self-esteem shaky at best.

To end this update on an optimistic note, by November I’ll be slipping in set number ten! Not exactly a halfway point (28 sets total), but I’m choosing to look forward to it anyway.  I can see my front upper set shifting, and I’m content with knowing how kick ass my smile is going to be in the future.  It’s making all of my strange anxiety, guilt over not wearing them, and self-esteem issues – pretty worth it.

Still not brave enough to grin BIG with the bottoms, but eventually I’ll get there.

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