Set #6 of Aligners: The Ease of Removal

Nick and I at the Italy pavilion.
Nick and I at the Italy pavilion at Epcot Food & Wine

I almost forgot to post about my aligners! I made a promise to myself to track this experience, however unfollowed or impartial readers were: but singularly for me.  I want to look back on this with triumph.

The last few weeks with sets five and six have been enormously challenging.  I have constant urges to remove them, sleep without them, and go about my day without them.  I’ve only caved into this urge once, at Epcot Food & Wine.  I couldn’t keep them in for an entire afternoon of tasting and eating.  I remember removing them around 11:15 for my first taste of a black beer and a vanilla tart.  They weren’t put back in until a rigorous rinse at the last restroom, and upon entering the car at 7 PM.

Pretty much eight hours without my set.  Dr. Dyer will be displeased.  I have an appointment to get the next four sets this Monday, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to tell I’ve been lax.

So much for my vows of strictness from last entry.  So here it goes again! I’ll be good to you, set number seven, I promise.


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