Set #7 of Aligners: a REAL SMILE!

Occasionally I’ll catch a picture of myself smiling and notice how much I hold back.  It always reminds me of my first Kindergarten picture day.  That little girl was uncomfortable, awkward, and upset (separation issues).

That expression has stayed with me for YEARS (the separation issues I’m good on, haha).  I’m not saying it’s in every photo, but sometimes it seems as though I’m as uncomfortable/shy as I was some odd twenty years ago.

After three months of wearing aligners, I’d have to say the best part about it is: SMILING BIGGER and not holding back.

Proof Below! (I’m the girl resting her head on her best friend’s (in red) shoulder)


As for aligner set 7 – I’ve been enjoying this set! I’m a lot more disciplined (seeing changes helps). Although during the (rather sloppy) night of the picture above, I did take them out for quite a while, my Orthodontist assured me as long as I don’t make it a serious habit, I’m good.

Couldn’t be happier. 😀

Ending the post with my obligatory selfie documenting the seventh set:




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