Prednisone + Diet Shaming

I’m in quite a frenzied state, I’m not even sure writing is a great idea.  But I’m drawn to this outlet, so here I go.  Second day treating inflammation with Prednisone, and I’ m a jittery freak.  Total, jittery freak.  I kind of like it though.

I’m a habitual walker here at the office.  I’ll often take three laps a day to stretch and feel human.  I can’t sit for long.  I spent a good seven years at an extremely active job; this sedentary life ain’t fo’ me.

I walked in half the time it normally takes me to do a lap around the entire parking lot.

So, Prednisone is fun.

I was researching it last night, when I discovered I could battle the side effects simply by being who I am; a bit ingredient obsessed. Which made me think of people who are defensive over the concept of “clean eating.”   This term that has been wildly tossed around, dissected, and judged for a while now.  But that’s a different story.

There are many people who still maintain the idea of calories in vs calories out being the ultimate win for health. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, except when they get irrationally angry if someone might disagree.

I like knowing what’s in my baked sweet potato, and how it’s doing my health a tremendous service.  Or when I put mushrooms in everything, how the nutritional breakdown of them is absolutely unprecedented!  Why would I ever willingly go food shopping, only to load up my cart with things that I can’t Google their benefits and delight over? Simply to save calories?

I’m not saying I’m an angel when it comes to making convenient decisions with my diet.  I will get the egg and cheese on toast at Starbucks when it’s just that kind of day.  But it’s rare, and when I do it, the way I feel is mostly: ick.  It has little to do with my scale, and everything to do with my feelings. Yet there are so many fit (and also large) people who don’t live life this way.  It’s simply: calories in vs calories out.

Which is fine! You do you. Except, recently I was talking with an avid  calories in vs calories out friend, and I was on the receiving end of a huge wave of defensiveness when I explained my approach to eating. It was almost a flurry of shots taken, “How do you know the protein you get from your hemp seeds isn’t the same as the protein I get from my hot pocket?” (etc, etc)

I didn’t know we were having a debate!  The shots were fired, and I suddenly found my very innocent, “Yay health!” way of thinking to be bad, or maybe something I shouldn’t openly discuss.

Fast forward to me on Prednisone, researching weight gain and finding out my obsession with ingredient/nutrient selectiveness is THE MOST RECOMMENDED diet for avoiding water retention (and most of the unfortunate side effects associated with this drug).

So, I’m not crazy.  I’m not going to be made to feel like a “fear mongering” bully when it comes to advocating paying attention to ingredients, nutrients, and all of the things that make food truly wonderful.  I will never preach, or accuse anyone with a diet that works for them that they might be wrong for having their hot pockets.

I mean, I’ll definitely think it though. 😉


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