s l o w i n g down

Who would have guessed in the process of slowing down, holding back, and modifying exercises I’d become (my version of) a kick ass athlete.  I learned more lessons, and began discovering changes at the end of 2014.  When January 1st waved its first fire cracker back dropped hello, it made me shrug my shoulders back.  I didn’t want the Bridget Jones style of resolutions for the year.

I felt like sharing my December 2014 findings because this idea of slowing down is incredibly relatable.  I’ve noticed this January, more than one or two blogs addressing the concept.  We’ve all heard we should stop trying to be a super hero, stop competing with others, and be kind to ourselves and our bodies, but do we ever listen?  I’ve got to add a great quote by Robert Trout:

We fear doing too little when we should do more. Then atone by doing too much, when perhaps we should do less.

When I made the decision to work out against my doctors advice, I knew I had to give that whole “do less” thing a shot. I’m a bit of an all or nothing character, and I don’t know how others are wired, but I’m sure I’m not alone here.  I discovered once I slowed down my workouts, limited the time/frequency, and relaxed in bursts of cardio; I felt serene with my performance.  I looked forward to activity in a different, more scientific way.  This slow methodical focus on muscle strengthening (ignoring boss ass bitch mode) became addictive.

The result is feeling a renewed type of strength, and I’m in love with it. It’s important to not beat yourself up for not being the super hero, not reaching insane and often unachievable (because we do too much) fitness goals; but being gentle and kind to yourself, open up to the possibility of linking the body and mind because holy cow, is that a fun sensation.


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