september head colds

I haven’t been sick in two years, but around three days ago I noticed something felt different.  My legs, normally eager to take long strides upstairs, felt heavy and resistant.

Later in that same day, I was standing in front of my office window when I noticed everything appeared as heavy as my legs had felt. The trees; tangled in unruly branches, the wind going through them.  The sunlight, a bluebird, then a butterfly.  I felt oddly at ease to stare straight into wilderness in a trance-like state. Then I blinked.

A few days have passed since that moment, and I’ve oddly connected it to the beginnings of a cold.  Maybe a little ridiculous, but it’s something I feel to be true.

A cold can be an unwanted interruption, or something a person might welcome.  I’m choosing to embrace it, to go back into that trance.  And while I’m sitting here at work with a cuppa tea next to me, and not a lot of productivity behind me? I feel like I’m going to look forward to a lot more present activity in the next twenty-four hours.

Headiness, sleepiness, and thankfulness.


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