the girl who is Stellar

There is a very uniquely styled, plus-size, sea foam green hair sporting Asian who works four doors away from my office.  She wears a-line dresses with a variety of patterns, and tights which never coordinate, with colorful sneakers or boots with thick socks.  Her expression is often solemn and indifferent; she never really looks back at me.  She does not say hi and when I walk by her or with her to the restroom we are closest to, we never exchange niceties.

My favorite dress of hers is dark purple with constellations all over it.

Her roots have grown in and they are marked by the way she styles her hair.  Often in two sloppily styled ponytails or some braids.  When her hair is down her bangs fluff up into random directions.

I find myself wondering how wildly dull I am to her, but my hello stays in the back of my throat and I wash my hands as she dries hers and we resume our respective work days.


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