on the subject of Avoidance

There it is, that familiar feeling of bubbling anger.  It’s always a slow boil for me.  Sometimes I’m not even sure if it’ll even start boiling.  A lot of times I take the pot off the stove and abandon the dish entirely.  Hey, I’ll eat it cold.

I deal with anger by talking myself out of it.  I like diplomacy, I like to tell myself I’m wrong and handle things with care.  Diplomacy outside of politics is defined as the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.  I think that’s beautiful.  There are other ways to react or feel, and to be quick to anger seems unnecessary.

But sometimes it can’t be helped, and before I know it the water is all over the fucking place.  Hissing and staining the stove top.  Telling me in an insensitive yet very effective way:  I didn’t take care to watch my pot.



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