gratitude & resentment (the odd couple)

“How’s your job going?” She asked.

I’m always ready to respond with the latest complaints but, I had none.  I had been choosing to go to work with a different mindset: gratitude.  I adjusted my response,

“It’s good.  I’m choosing to be grateful.”

It’s not an exciting job; but it’s my choice to be here.  I’m also choosing to write every Friday afternoon.  I’m grateful I can add that bit of excitement if I want to.  There are hobbies I can develop because my job isn’t sexy.

I see the sexy jobs out there.  They breed the antonym of gratitude.  Okay, maybe that’s thanklessness or (quickly looks up antonyms) ingratitude.  Ha!  But the idea is: resentment can come from choosing to live a life without gratitude.

My sister is a Director of Coffee in a pretty amazing city.  My cousin spends her work morning navigating an incredible museum while it’s empty.  My fiancé works in an edgy office and not a day goes by where he isn’t busy or important or facing challenges that grow him as a person.

People constantly share their achievements: entrepreneurs, successful Instagram fitness personalities, YouTube beauty gurus, writers, singers.  It’s all over – and it’s enough to make a person forget to be thankful.

My friend looked at me cautiously, as if she didn’t believe I was indeed practicing gratitude for my job.  I had really put it down for a long time; belittling my role, harping on my lack of worth and my isolation.  But the truth is, my job has a fantastic silver lining: It gives me time.  Flexibility.  The ability to work on the things that will give me even more gratitude.

Resentment doesn’t help anyone grow those things.


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