the mean, tall man in Suite 224

I didn’t realize he was mean at first.  We’d run into each other on the way to the restroom and exchange niceties.  If I would ask him how his day was going, he’d say: “It’s going well enough. Yours?” and I would say something awful like “I can’t complain.”  I knew it would end there, I’d soon […]

Fortune July

I decided to write something different today.  Knowing full well this account is connected to people I know, and being unafraid to put myself out there for fear of judgment.  Here it is: I went to a party on the Fourth of July.  I was twenty-nine, two months away from turning the big three-oh.  I […]

size down; when do we change?

I have massive insecurities about my body. Like many people, these insecurities stem from lots of teasing/taunting from childhood into adulthood.  I wish compliments permeated as well as insults. It doesn’t matter how exhaustive the time spent on my body/nutrition is; it all comes down to one thing: it’s never enough.  I rarely view my […]

the stories Winston’s revealed

My Grandmom Gert smoked Winston’s.  I would sit outside with her and she would tell me stories about her childhood that would make me laugh and feel sad all at once.  She was an expressive story teller; her eyes would widen, her hands would gesture, her laugh had a ripple effect.  She could be crass, […]

the Spanish Moss on Lake Careen Way

I’m cranky and the car in front of me isn’t helping.  They are moving slow, and I’m sure it’s on purpose.  Despite my annoyance I’m careful to never tailgate people; I don’t like road rage in myself or in others.  I like to ask myself: what if they’re sick? What if someone in their lives is sick? What are the circumstances […]

on the subject of Avoidance

There it is, that familiar feeling of bubbling anger.  It’s always a slow boil for me.  Sometimes I’m not even sure if it’ll even start boiling.  A lot of times I take the pot off the stove and abandon the dish entirely.  Hey, I’ll eat it cold. I deal with anger by talking myself out […]

the girl who is Stellar

There is a very uniquely styled, plus-size, sea foam green hair sporting Asian who works four doors away from my office.  She wears a-line dresses with a variety of patterns, and tights which never coordinate, with colorful sneakers or boots with thick socks.  Her expression is often solemn and indifferent; she never really looks back at […]